Airtect - Plastic Leak Detection
the #1 Plastic Leak Detection System
Plastic Leak Detection System | Plastic Leak Detection Alarm

The these Problems

Plastic Leak Alarm System
  • Nozzle, Barrel, and Hot Runner Mould Protection up to 32 Zones
  • Modular OR Fixed Manifold System
  • Self-Teaching on Start-Up for Maximum Sensitivity
  • 2mm Stainless Steel Sensor Tubes with no Minimum or Maximum length
  • Direct Plastic Leak Presence Detection
  • Tiny Sensor Air Volumes Used
  • Each Zone Location Monitored and Displayed
  • Mould Body Temperature Monitor/Alarm
  • Fast Payback
  • Easy Installation
  • Worldwide Customers
Plastic Leak Simulation
Plastic Leak Alarm
'all hot runner sytems leak at some stage and it's nobody's fault. The AIRTECT system is an excellent early warning device'
Proprietor-one of the top Hot Runner Manufacturers
"don't leave a mould without it" |