Plastic Leak Detection Solutions

Plastic Leak Alarm system


Q: How much compressed air is used?

A: 0.05 Litres per minute per sensor of compressed air at 2PSI.

Q: What is the difference between the LA500 and LM2050.

A: There is no functional difference. The LA500 has a 2-Character LED Display and the LM2050 has a 2-line Clear Text LCD display with multiple language options.

Q: How much DC power is required?

A: 24Vdc @ 150mA average for LM2050 + LA508. Please note the DC power Source must be free from Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), caused by many devices such as solenoid valves, servo motors etc. working on the same DC power line. Good electrical practice will eliminate all potential problems.

Q: How long can the stainless steel sensor tubes be?

A: The design is for a maximum of about 5 meters.

Q: What is the minimum bend radius for the stainless steel tubes without affecting air flow?

A: R1.6mm for the 1.6mm diameter tube and R2mm for the 2mm diameter tube.

Q: Where is the Silicone Rubber tube used?